Green Coffee

Green this, green that. Every publication under the sun is writing something about being green. So why not KCPerky saying how to greenify your coffee?

For our purposes today, we won’t be talking about the chances of global warming being real, and we won’t be going into a detailed account of what you can do in your own life to significantly slow it, despite China and pundits. We will be talking about waste management. Specifically, those cups and sleeves you keep using on your to-go coffee. I have two products that will get you set right…

Felt Cup Kozy.First the sleeves: Reuse or don’t use. Muddy’s on 51st is great in the fact that their frequent-cupper ‘card’ is a cup sleeve. Bring back and re-use the same sleeve, and they financially reward you. Good job Muddy’s! I’d like to see more places move this way. But better than re-using 8 times is not using one at all. I give you… The Cup Kozy. Its a fashionable felt sleeve with a handy strap on it. I rather like mine, its so soft. Now, you could buy them online, but you’d do better to stop over to Magazines and Coffee some morning and just pick one up there with your morning brew. They’re cheaper locally than they are online, and you’ll be supporting M&C!

Reusable porcelin cup.

Next, the cups: Reuse is not really an option here, so I highly recommend drinking ‘for here’ or bringing your own to-go cup . Nearly every shop in town will be more than happy to put your brew into whatever cup or thermos you bring in. “But Scott, I love looking hip and chic with my clean white to-go paper cup!” Have no fear, there is a solution. I give you… “I Am Not A Paper Cup.” This cup is crafted from porcelain and has a rubber lid, perfect for simulating the coffee shop cup experience in a reusable way.

Raise both items into the air along with 3 other rings (Wind, Earth, & Heart), and Captain Planet will show up singing, “The Power Is Yours!!” *

//update: Buzzfeed caught on to this idea, here’s their buzz on these and other products too.

*Actual arrival of the captain & the planeteers may vary from person to person

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