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A Great Place to Work

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

Hi you coffee and tea fans!  I know I’ve been lax in my blogging duties… to be honest it’s been a little intimidating.  I decided to kick off my first blog with a place I really like, even if it’s a coffee place mostly.

Dunn Bros Coffee is a nice place to chill, fortunately for me it’s also a great place to work.  Since I work for myself, I’m always on the look out for a free wi-fi connection, quite music, and a good cup of tea to settle myself into an afternoon’s work.  Dunn Bros Coffee has that and more in their two locations (8975 Metcalf & 535 E Red Bridge Rd).  I prefer the Metcalf location with more room and tray tables for the comfy chairs, but the Red Bridge location is doing quite a business as well.

Dunn Bros Coffee also roasts their own coffee on site in small batches every day.  This affords you fantastic quality and freshness, whether you are having a cup in the store or buying beans to take home to your own Bistro.  Being a “Tea Chick” myself, I did not partake in the roasted goodness, but got a favorable report from the friend that I met there.  The tea while not being loose leaf is made by Mighty Leaf and tastes pretty good.  You might have to take the quality into your own hands however, since Dunn Bros like most coffee shops does not understand what it takes to brew a truly great cup of tea.  I’ve included some pointers below to help you out.

A Cup Below

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

Old-ish news: A Cup Above, on Barry Rd, has closed.

New-ish news: Friendly Bean Coffee has taken their place!

I suppose between this and Rev!, it means that my previous prediction was wrong: Church-based coffee shops are just as prone to failure as all their secular sisters, despite their 501(c)(3) status.

Massive Missive

Monday, January 12th, 2009

Hello Perkites and Perkoids.  Christmas & New Years have passed, and I’m still alive.  AND with a TON to post about.  Let’s get right to it:

Zombie Joe’s Coffee is opening soon down at 87th & Farley (near 87 & I-35).  Despite the font on their website, I am still inclined to go drink their coffee.

Drink a Latte has been open for about a month, just west of KU Med at 39th St & Rainbow Rd.  Very friendly, comfortable, and great wifi.  The coffee isn’t bad either!  Despite the plethora of coffee shops on 39th St, this shop stands a chance, mostly because of its location: on a high-traffic street and the closest shop to the hospital.

Coffee Break down near Rockhurst and UMKC is hosting an open mic night every second Friday of the month.  That makes the next event February 13th.  Go check it out.

Eljay’s Coffee House down in the River Market is hosting a ton of events, oft on Thursdays
- First Fridays with live jazz, including vocal jazz
- Improv Gym every Thursday night and some Saturday afternoons
- Currents Book Club every Thursday night
- Wine tastings every Thursday evening

The rumors are true, Waldo Coffee Cup may have passed away, but ‘One More Cup’ has picked up the slack and has brought coffee back to Waldo.  Can’t keep a good location down.

I’ve been tipped off to Stewart Town Coffee over in SE KC.  Anybody know if it actually exists?  5806 Brighton Ave, KCMO.

A new southland coffee meetup group just started yesterday.  No, not by me, silly.  By some fellow named Gene.  Bottoms up to Gene!

And last but not least, KCPerky had a baby! is now up and running in Chicago, covering the scene there!  If you’re from Chicago or know somebody up there, show ChiPerky some love and subscribe to their blog :)